Missed call notification service (MCN) helps customers know who tried to call them when their phone is off or busy on another call. How to subscribe
  • call 127
  • Press 1 to subscribe
  • Press 1 to confirm subscription
Get in touch with your contacts every time even when you have insufficient prepaid in your phone. How to use
  • In the dial-pad press the numbers 165  before the contact number you want to call i.e 165779xxxx
  • The recipient will then receive a voice message instructing him to press 1 to accept to bear the call charges or press 2 to reject the reverse call.
  • If the recipient accepts by pressing 1, he will be charged the normal Golis calling rates.
Whitelist and blacklist You can create a whitelist for close family members and friends. the whitelist contacts when they call you using the reverse call service, you will not be asked to press 1 to accept the call, rather the call will automatically go through.
Likewise the blacklist limits the number of contacts who can contact you using reverse call. The contacts in the blacklist will always receive the message “this call cannot be connected at the moment”. How to create whitelist & blacklist
  • Dial *165# 
  • choose the options on the menu
  • write the contact no
Note: other contacts cannot see your whitelist or blacklist

users can only make a maximum of 30 reverse calls per day
Entertain your callers with beautiful ringtones, poems, supplications, quotes etc. the subscriber is charged $0.5 at the end of every month. How to subscribe
  • To subscribe dial *155# then press 1
  • To unsubscribe dial *155# then press 2
Send your callers a quick response message whenever you can’t answer calls. i.e when you are in a meeting or driving. How to register
  • Dial *195#
  • Select 1 for English
  • Select register
  • Write your quick response message that will be sent to your callers.
Reveal the caller identity whenever you are called by an unknown number. Waa kuma will show you the full names of the caller before you decide to pick. How to register
  • Dial *194#
  • Select 1 for English
  • Select register
Back-up your SIM contacts with Golis and easily recover all your contacts whenever your SIM card gets lost. How to register
  • Open the golis SIM services app from your home screen
  • Choose KAYD from the options.
  • Fill the registration
How to back-up
  • Choose KAYD from the SIM services
  • Select back-up
How to recover contacts
  • Choose KAYD from the SIM services
  • Choose back-up
  • Tap restore


Get daily notifications on the latest news about the world, Somalia, politics, health,women and islamic affairs on your phone without internet access. How to register
  • Open new message
  • Type REG
  • Send to 333
If you want to receive more news on specific topics, type the topic i.e “Puntland” and send it to 333. Additional feature You can use Xogmaal to get in touch with our customer care via text message. Simply open new text message, type info and then write your inquiry i.e “sent money to wrong number” and then send it to 333.
This service makes it simpler for students and parents to access a summary of their exam results via SMS. the service is open for students in every all levels (primary, secondary, higher education) Requirement For customers to access exam results via SMS, the institutions they are attached to must submit the exam results of the students to Golis telecom.
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